How about taking a break from the rush of running after your dreams and discovering me first and yourself after? There was “jacket” where my dreams met “reality.” I designed my very first jacket in 2014. Since then, I am creating chic, elegant and striking designs for my brand Jaquette by Elvan. When I design, I plan to the smallest details of every jacket’s soul and poise.

If you have a Jaquette on you, you will absolutely draw attention. As I always say, my starting point has always been jacket and my arrival point is self confidence. In fact, what I do is turning an abstract concept into a concrete reality and offering it to people. In other words, I directly offer you a jacket and indirectly a sense of self-confidence.

I set off on my journey searching for the harmony within disharmony, creating a whole from contrasts, and discovering you while I discover my own body.

To many fun journeys together…